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Rate Card

Rate Card (per job) for Indian NGOs for posting on

(Rate Card for International NGOs / UN Agencies)

Payment is accepted online via Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) and PayPal.

For very small organisations, we can accept payments via bank transfer or cheque.

1. Highlighted Job posting without Logo

           Non-profits: Rs.2250+GST -  Rs. 2655 (pay online)

           For-profits: Rs.3000+GST -  Rs. 3540 (pay online)

2. Highlighted Job posting with Logo 

           Non-profits: Rs.3500+GST  Rs. 4130   (pay online)

           For-profits: Rs.4500+GST -  Rs. 5310   (pay online)

3. Premium Job posting:  Always the Top Jobs with logo!

           Non-profits: Rs.12500+GST   Rs. 14,750 (pay online)

           For-profits: Rs.17500+GST -  Rs. 20,650  (pay online)             

All jobs are posted for maximum 1 month. Generic job notices or multiple jobs in a single notice will be charged at least double the above or more depending on number of jobs.

Rates for RFPs / EOIs / Notices meant for organisations are double the cost of a single job posting. 

RFP Prices:  (Enquire us for price of any generic RFPs / EOIs)

Posting With Logo:

Non-profits (per RFP/Tender): Rs.7000+GST  Rs. 8260  (pay online)

For-profits (per RFP/Tender):  Rs.9000+GST  Rs. 10620  (pay online)

Posting Without Logo:

 Non-profits (per RFP/Tender): Rs.4500+GST -  Rs. 5310  (pay online)

 For-profits (per RFP/Tender): Rs.6000+GST -  Rs. 7080  (pay online)

Premium Posting - RFP/ EOI

Non-profits (per RFP/Tender): Rs.25000+GST -  Rs.29500  (pay online)

For-profits (per RFP/Tender): Rs.35000+GST -  Rs. 41300  (pay online)


Do you hire throughout the year?

Buy a 10 or 20 highlighted jobs bulk package. There is no expiration date - buy a new package only when all the jobs are used up.


10 Highlighted Jobs:  USD 400  (without logo)   or    USD 650 (with logo)

20 Highlighted Jobs:   USD 750  (without logo)   or    USD 1200 (with logo)


 (includes non-profits making use of recruitment firms)  

10 Highlighted Jobs:  USD 550  (without logo)   or    USD 850  (with logo)

20 Highlighted Jobs:   USD 1000 (without logo)   or    USD 1600 (with logo)


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Get the widest publicity of your Executive / Academic Courses, Organisational profiles, Conferences, Publications, and more on the largest India development professionals network with over 1 million page views a month!

Banner Posting *

1 month

Rs. 35,000 +GST

2 months

Rs. 60,000 +GST

12 months


*        150 x 150 pixel banner displayed on homepage. Details



Resume Search Credits

Payment is accepted online via Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) and PayPal.

25 Resumes access: Rs. 4000 + GST

50 Resumes access: Rs. 7500  + GST

100 Resumes access: Rs. 12,500  + GST

The cost for resume search for-profits is double the above cost.

Please write to for creation of your account.

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