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Dr. Nimisha Bhatu
Open for Job , Institutes for National Importance, NGOs, NPOs
Surat, Gujarat
With an enriching experience of 1.5 years to develop a better environment for the community through social interventions including physical and mental well-being incorporating the highest attainment of health and opportunities through inclusive policies for all. Interested in working towards SDGs and improving society by enhancing people's living to achieve universal health coverage.
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Area of Expertise:
  • Capacity Building, Training, Advocacy
  • Environment, Climate, Energy, Water, Sanitation
  • Human Rights, Law, Migration, Conflicts, Justice
  • Private Sector, Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Social, Gender, Education, Youth, Child
Professional Experience:
My past internships at the Kalam Research Foundation, Gujarat Institute of Disaster Management, the Institute of Public Health, and Internshala have honed my ability to collaborate seamlessly within diverse teams. I value the power of effective communication and leadership in achieving shared goals. Furthermore, my participation in the Youth for Governance Fellowship, acknowledged by GRAAM, PRIA, and HSS, underscores my commitment to fostering community development and governance.
As an applicant with a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from the renowned School of Public Health at JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research, I have undergone comprehensive and specialized coursework that has equipped me with a wide range of skills and knowledge in the field of public health.

Throughout my academic journey, I have delved into essential subjects such as Public Health, which provides a broad understanding of the principles and practices in this discipline. Epidemiology has honed my analytical abilities and allowed me to investigate patterns of disease occurrence and risk factors. I studied health system management where I understood the regulatory and policy frameworks that govern healthcare is crucial. This also includes knowledge of health insurance, reimbursement, and government programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Statistics has given me a solid foundation in data analysis and interpretation, which is crucial for evidence-based decision-making.

Moreover, I have gained valuable insights into Health Management, Health System Management, and Health System Financing, which have provided me with an understanding of the complexities and challenges involved in managing healthcare systems and the financial aspects of healthcare operations.

Furthermore, my coursework also included a focus on Gender and Health, recognizing the importance of addressing gender disparities in healthcare and promoting equitable access to health services. Additionally, I studied RMNCH+ (Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child Health, and Adolescent Health) to understand the unique challenges and strategies for improving the health and well-being of these vulnerable populations.

One of the highlights of my academic journey was the completion of my dissertation titled "Prevalence and Factors Associated with Scoliosis Among School Children in Mysuru District, Karnataka," was a comprehensive study that investigated the occurrence of scoliosis among school-age children in a Mysuru, India. This research aim to shed light on the prevalence of scoliosis and the potential factors associated with its development among this particular demographic. The results were fascinating and a pathway to develop a policy for Scoliosis in India.

During my academic journey, I've cultivated a sincere enthusiasm for preventing diseases and enhancing community health. My varied coursework and research endeavors have equipped me to address public health issues using a multifaceted perspective and a firm commitment to evidence-driven strategies. I'm enthusiastic about putting my expertise and abilities into practice within a professional environment, where I can actively participate in the development of influential public health initiatives aimed at fostering a healthier and more equitable society.
Affiliations and Achievements:
Shrivastava S, Bhatu N. A Study on the Usage of Probiotics as a Safer Antipyretic. Journal of Cellular Signaling. 2023;4(2):73–7
Shrivastava S., Bhatu N. Probiotics - A Safe Antipyretic. In: Compendium of Research insights of life science students. JPS Scientific Publications; 2023.
Zaidi, I., Bhatu, N., Chandana, H.N., Shrivastava, S., & Kurian, R. Trends of sexual dysfunction among men: Existing policies across the globe and need for policies in the Indian context. Indian Journal of Health, Sexuality and Culture. 2022 Jun 30;8(1), 31–40.

Gold medalist for MPH 2021 batch
Won best social initiative award for the project idea on “SANRAKSHNAM- SAFEGUARDING MODULE FOR CHILDREN AGAINST CHILD”

Research Grant| Grant worth 25000? | JSS AHER Research Grants
Prevalence and factors associated with scoliosis among school children in Mysuru district, Karnataka.

Internshala Students Partner Program (ISP- 32)
Ranked 26 out of 14,644 students selected from different colleges across India.
Promoted Internshala and its products successfully
Attended various webinars and skills-enhancing training.

Available for:
  • Consulting assignments
  • Job opportunities
  • Internships / Fellowships

    Years of Experience:
    0-2 years
    Highest Qualification:
    English, Hindi, Gujarati
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