Subhrojit Das

Healthcare Business Analyst , CitiusTech

Karnataka, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Noida, Odisha

Post-graduate in Public Health from TISS, Mumbai. Looking forward to opportunities in Public Health and Healthcare IT consulting.

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Area of Expertise:
  • Administration, HR, Management, Accounting/Finance
  • Communications, IT, Media, Knowledge Management, Editor
  • Fundraising, Business Development, Grants Writer
  • Health, Doctors, Nurses, HIV/AIDS, Nutrition
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Policy, Research
Professional Experience:

- Collaborated with Healthcare Delivery Excellence (HDX) team to design and deliver healthcare IT solutions tailored to the specific needs of the US healthcare provider clients
- Supported the Customer Success team by performing in-depth market research to create RFPs
- Contributed to cost optimization-supply chain projects for better operational efficiency & reduced expenses


I am a post-graduate in Public Health from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. I had the opportunity to pursue internships CARE India and the Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal, where I closely collaborated with the district public health teams to understand the function and strengthen the healthcare system.

I conducted qualitative research to investigate the factors contributing to default cases in DOTS for tuberculosis patients. Furthermore, I conducted a quantitative research focusing on the 'Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Family Planning among Women of Reproductive Age.' The findings from this study provided a deeper understanding of the prevailing attitudes and behaviors regarding family planning in the community.

My journey in the field of public health reflects my unwavering commitment to improving the health and well-being of communities. I am passionate about leveraging my education and practical experiences to address pressing public health challenges, with a particular focus on evidence-based interventions and community empowerment.

Affiliations and Achievements:

During my tenure as a Healthcare Research Intern at the esteemed Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), I conducted a systematic review titled "Health Policy Interventions to Enhance Healthcare Accessibility for Older Adults."

This exhaustive examination was conducted utilizing the OVID database. The goal was to provide a comprehensive understanding of health policy interventions specifically tailored to benefit older adults, a demographic with unique healthcare needs.

Available for:

  • Consulting assignments
  • Job opportunities
  • Internships / Fellowships

Years of Experience:

2-5 years

Highest Qualification:



English, Hindi, Oriya