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Jaideep Vaideeswar
N.A , N.A
New Delhi, Delhi
Master's in International Relations and looking for job opportunities. Fluency in English,Marathi,Hindi,Tamil and Telugu. Willing to relocate anywhere in India or abroad.
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Area of Expertise:
  • Human Rights, Law, Migration, Conflicts, Justice
Professional Experience:
My name is Jaideep P.V and I have completed my Master’s in International Relations. Being a part of the debating society and other college committees, I have acquired the ability to have an eloquent communication and inter-personal skills. I did my Master’s from the South Asian University in Delhi which is a South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) initiative. This has enabled me to work and be a part of a multi-cultural setting that exposed me to the numerous aspects of cultural diversity. I have also been a part of a number of Model United Nations Conferences. I have organized these conferences and have also participated in them as a delegate and as well as a Chairperson or part of the Executive Board. Being a student of Social Sciences I honed my skills in writing in a brief, precise and an efficient manner. This also helped me understand the diversity and the uniqueness of India along with the various issues and policies that determine its growth and development. I also understand the importance of research for any writing to happen and hence I have worked on a number of research articles during my College and University days. I am really enthralled by the social media and I really feel that it is this digital platform that has promoted growth and development and also has connected millions of people. Due to such an interest I do understand online strategies, social media trends, new media best practices and e-information architecture.
Affiliations and Achievements:
MUN experiences
Delegate experience
1) Siesrotractmun-UNGA-France-Best delegate
2) Siesrotractmun-UNSC-Russia-Best delegate
3) Hlccmun-HGA-India-Best delegate
4) Hlccmun-UNGA-USA-Best delegate
5) Crossmun-AIPPM-External affairs minister-Best delegate
6) Crossmun-UNGA-Iran-Best delegate
7) Vasavimun-UNHRC-South Africa-Best delegate
8) CbitMUN-UNSC-China-Best delegate
9) Mgitmun-UNGA-Bangladesh-Best delegate
10) Gargimun-UNFCC-France-Best delegate
11) Oystermun-UNHRC-India-Best delegate
12) VMUN-Lok sabha-Prime minister-Best delegate
13) VCMUN- AIPPM-Finance minister-Honourable mention
14) CharusatMUN-AIPPM-Prime Minister-Honourable mention
15) Nirmamun-UNHRC-India-Honourable mention
16) CODMUN 1-UNDP-Mexico-Special mention
17) CODMUN 2-UNHRC-Georgia- Verbal mention
18) NMIMSMUN-UNGA-Liechtenstein-Verbal mention
19) Mumbaimun-UNGA-Algeria-NO AWARD
Chair experiences
1) ASNMUN-Lok sabha-Speaker
2) Chirecmun-AIPPM-Speaker
3) Oakridgemun-AIPPM-Speaker
4) SIESmun-Lok Sabha-Speaker
5) SIESmun-Lok sabha-Speaker
6) Podar Youth Parliament-AIPPM-Speaker
7) MU Youth Parliament-AIPPM-Speaker
8) KCMUN-UNGA-Chairperson
9) Xaviersmun-UNHRC-Chairperson
10) Spitmun-UNSC-Chairperson
11) Punemun-UNCTAD-Vice-chairperson
12) GLCmun-UNHRC-Vice-chairperson
13) SAUMUN-SAARC-Vice-chairperson
14) SAUMUN-UNGA-Vice-chairperson
15) VITMUN-UNSC-Vice-chairperson
16) BESCMUN-UNGA-Vice-chaiperson
17) MGITMUN-UNGA-Chairperson
18) ASNMUN- UNGA-Chairperson
19) DUNMUN-UNDP-Chairperson
20) CUMUN-UNDP-Chairperson
21) ICONMUN-UNHRC-Chairperson
22) WIE Conferencia-GWC-Co-Chairperson
23) FISMUN-UNGA-Chairperson
I have also represented University of Mumbai for National Championship

Available for:
  • Job opportunities

    Years of Experience:
    0-2 years
    Highest Qualification:
    English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu
    LinkedIn Profile:
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